The Colic Risk Rater

Answer all questions in each category to complete the Colic Risk Rater based on an individual horse. When you have completed a category, click on the next category to open it. You must answer all questions in a category before moving on, but you can return to a previous category at any time.


On average, how much time does your horse spend in a stall?

Does your horse have access to grazing/hay during turnout?

Does your horse get turned out in 4 or more different pastures?

Is the stocking density of your horse’s turnout greater than 0.5 horses/acre? (stocking density = horses/paddock acreage)

* Is your horse turned out on sand (sandy paddock/arena)?

Activity Level

Does your horse compete (performance or racehorse)?


Are you the primary caregiver for the day-to-day care of your horse?

How many people care for your horse?

* On average, how many times per day is your horse being monitored/observed?


Note: 'Concentrate' refers to oats, corn, barley, sweet feeds, pellets and complete feeds.

How much concentrate is your horse being fed per day?

What percentage of your horse’s forage contains alfalfa hay?

Is your horse fed forage from round bales?


Is a water source available during turnout in winter and summer?

* Is the water source heated in the winter?

Dental History

Note: 'Dental problems' refers to worn teeth [sometimes as a result of cribbing], broken teeth, overgrowth of molars/sharp hooks and conformational abnormalities like parrot mouth.

Does your horse have a known dental problem?

* Does your horse receive regular dental care? (i.e. yearly dental checks)

Parasite Management

Do you deworm your horse on a regular basis?

Was your horse dewormed in the last 7 days?

Do you have a parasite prevention program that includes manure removal?

Colic History

Does your horse have a history of colic?

Other/Horse-Specific Factors

What is the age of your horse?

Does your horse display crib-biting or windsucking behaviour?

Has your horse traveled in the last 24 hours?

Has your horse recently foaled or close to foaling?

Change Assessment


Has your horse had a change in concentrate feeding in the last 14 days?

Has your horse had a change in forage in the last month (i.e. change in pasture or new batch of hay)?

Has your horse had a recent decrease in water intake?


Has your horse had a recent change in housing (new home)?

Has your horse had a recent change in number of hours/day in the stall?

Activity Level

Has your horse had a change in activity in the last 14 days? (i.e. decrease in frequency or duration or change in intensity)


Was there a substantial change in weather conditions in the last 3 days?

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