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Stable Hand
Job Type:Part Time Regular
Location:London Ontario
Contact Name:Raven Van Raes
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Closing Date:0000-00-00
Description:Hello! My name is Raven and I am a passionate 18 year old girl who has always loved horses but never got the experience at a young age. Don't let that fool you, I have learned lots about these gentle giants and am willing to learn so much more! For almost two years I have been working at a local stable but feel as though it is time to move on, I am able to: -Muck out stalls -Feed (hay and grain) -Clean (sweeping, cobwebs, windows, ect.) -Clean out Paddocks (Rocks, manure, old hay, ect.) -Turn out/bring in horses -Dressing horses -Grooming -Lift hay bales -Can also tack up/untack if you needed If you want to teach me more I am more than willing and able, if you would like a full resume and know what days/hours I am able to work don't hesitate to email me! --- I am currently looking for a new job around London Ontario, I do not have a license so I depend on my family to drive me out so going hours out of town is NOT an option. I will NOT work for below minimum wage. Drama isn't my thing. That's all I'll say about that.
Posted on:2017-08-24