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Stop Think Act Barn Fires
(button) Barn Fires: YOU are the line of defence Gayle Ecker presents Fire Prevention and Safety Strategies that Facility and farm owners can use. Research Day 2016.
Bob Webb

Fire Prevention expert Bob Webb outlines:


"How you can protect your barn" - Part 1


"How you can protect your barn" - Part 2


WEB Resources:
Internet icon Barn Fire Prevention (Dr. Rebecca Gimenez) Internet icon Livestock Emergency - Farm &
Food Care - Ontario
Education icon Equine Guelph Education Programs Internet icon Rural Fire Safety (NFPA)
Internet icon Fire Safety In Barns    
MEDIA Resources:
YouTube icon More at Stake than the Barn YouTube icon Heartland Farm Mutual - Loss prevention videos
Flash icon Using a Fire Extinguisher YouTube logo

Prevention is Key

Robert Nagle - Training Officer, Central York Fire Services

YouTube icon Safety is #1

Victor MacPherson - District Chief,
Adjala-Tosorontio Fire Department
PDF Resources:
PDF Icon

10 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Barn Fire

(OMAFRA-Factsheet) - NEW

PDF icon Barn Fires (AAEP 2008) PDF icon Farm Fire Safety Checklist
PDF icon Barn Fire Safety Checklist (NFPA) PDF icon Hay Fire Prevention & Control
PDF icon Electrical Systems in Barns PDF icon How Safe is your Space - Ontario Racing
PDF icon Equine Facility Design PDF icon Ontario Barn Fire Data
PDF icon Equine Guelph Fire Safety Checklist PDF icon "Please don't smoke in our house" poster
PDF icon Equine Guelph Fire Safety Top-Ten List PDF icon Reduce the Risk of Fire on
Your Farm (OMAFRA)
PDF icon Farm Fire and Emergency Sketch (OMAFRA) PDF icon Safety Plan for Farms
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