Medieval Knights and horses in armour

Medieval times

Horses were now being used for transportation, and farming.  This was also the time of the medieval knights and horses in armour.
The term and rank of honour, the knight, developed in the 12th century, for the mounted warriors.  During medieval times, knights developed suits of armour to protect them and demonstrated their fighting skills on horseback through tournaments.  These became very special events in medieval times and the pride and honour of the knight and of the kingdom was at stake.  Codes of conduct were expected of the knights and many stories and movies have been made about this time of “chivalry”.  It all sounds very romantic from the books and movies!

The last true knight in history is called Maximilian I, who was a Holy Roman Emperor and lived from 1459–1519. He was the last leader to take his troops onto the battlefield.  You can learn more about him by searching his name in your web browser.

There are many books and movies about medieval times and the role of the knight on horseback that you can look for, so see what you can find to learn more!