Horses and the First World War


During the First World War, sometimes called “The Great War”, horses played a very important role.  Horses pulled the supply wagons, were ridden into new territory and into battle and pulled the cannons to the battle fronts.
It was a terrible life for the horse, and many died of wounds and starvation.  Many of the soldiers loved their horses very much and did their best to care for them but food was scarce for both people and horses.  There were some soldiers that even gave up their blankets so they could put them on their horses to help keep them warm in the cold rainy nights.  But the horses were so hungry, they had eaten the blankets by morning!

Fortunately, we do not use horses in battle anymore.

You can learn more about the First World War by reading books or visiting websites.  The book “War Horse” is a great one to read about the adventures of a boy called Albert and his horse, Joey, during wartime.