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Explore our interactive, user-friendly tools to help you address a range of healthcare issues which may affect your horse(s). Tools take about 10 minutes to complete and allow you to assess your own individual situation with practical recommendations you can take right out to your barn.

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Full Circle Responsibility Equine Welfare Program
HEALTHflash Seasonal Healthcare Reminder
Healthy Lands for Healthy Horses
Worms and Germs Blog (Information on Equine Infectious Diseases)
The Horse Health Check -
A Systematic Method of Examination

(follow a step-by-step examination)
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Fire Prevention and Safety icon (button) Journey Through the Joints (button) Lameness Lab
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Mare & Foal Care Tool Body Condiion Score Poster
Body Condition Score
Horse Health Check
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Horse Health Check
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2020 FREE Resources

Annual Horse Expense Sheet

Annual Horse Expense Sheet (Excel)

Arthritis_Prevention Infosheet

Athlete Management-2nd Career

Body Condition Score - Obese

Body Condition Score - Too Thin

Colic Prevention Tips

Conditioning program infographic

Defend against Dust Infographic

Dehydration Infosheet

Dental Dilemmas

Dentistry Infosheet

Emergency Preparedness - UPDATED

Equine Guelph Videos

Equine Herpes Myeloencephalopathy

Equine Welfare

Euthanasia Planning - UPDATED

Facility Design with Biosecurity in Mind

Fire Safety Checklist

First Aid Kit contents infosheet


Grazing Muzzles

Hay Evaluation Activity infosheet

Hay - Extending your supply

Helmet Safety: Gotta Horse-Getta Helmet

Hey-What do you Know about Hay?

Hoof Care

Horse Farm Safety Checklist

Horse Trailering Safety-Part 1-Decoding    Letters and Numbers - NEW

Horse Trailering Safety-Part 2-Hitch    Systems - NEW

Is Your Property Ready for Winter?

Laminitis and Nutrition

Laminitis - Tips from the Code

Manure Management Infosheet

Mud Fever

Mud Management and Horses

Mud Management Systems

Nutrition for Performance Horses

Nutrition myths - Autumn

Nutrition Right from the Start

Nutrition and your senior horse - UPDATED

Parasites - Bots-Tapeworms

Nutrition- What are Macronutrients?

Overseeding Tips

Parasites - Fecal Collection

Pasture Management

Pests and Flies

Preparing Fences Before the Freezing Temperatures

Protect Your Horse from Getting Sick

Reducing the Risk of Respiratory Ailments

Senior Horse Challenges

Senior Horse Management

Senior Horse Resources infosheet

Sickness Prevention Checklist

Skin Diseases and Allergies

Snow as Water Source?

Stable Hygiene -The New Normal

Ticked Off - Horse Care infosheet


Trailer Safety Checklist

Travelling Horse Checklist

Vaccination Info Graphics

Watch for Wounds: Five Things Not To Do

What to do if your horse is sick

Winter Cool Down

Winter Management - Outdoor Horse


Barn Fire Safety - Evacuation Plans - PDF Resources: - NEW

Your Horse Stable Evacuation Plan - 4 Options

Barn stall doors open to centre aisle - Option 1

   (Individual Option for Printing)

 Barn stall doors open to outside - Option 1

   (Individual Option for Printing)

 What to do in the event of a fire


 Barn stall doors open to centre aisle - Option 2

   (Individual Option for Printing)

Barn stall doors open to outside - Option 2

   (Individual Option for Printing)

Ontario Resources: - NEW

Animal Welfare Emergencies

Biosecurity Standard for the Equine Sector (Canada's standard)

 Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines (Canda's National code)

 College of Veterinarians of Ontario - list of veterinarians

 Deadstock removal

 Find a farrier

OMAFRA Hay analysis

OMAFRA - Feed and forage specialists

Ontario Equestrian - Riding facilities and boarding stables

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