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HEALTHflash Archives:

Summer 2024

TAGS | Summer issues:  Horse Health Check, dehydration, heat stress, extreme weather, joint health, osteoarthritis, burrs, rain rot, parasite control, nutrition, conditioning, horse behaviour, manure management.

Spring 2024

TAGS | Spring issues:  mare & foal care, endometritis, reproduction, embryo loss, ticks & Lyme disease, recognizing trauma in horses, mud management, nutrition, ration balancers, strangles, hay nets impact on dentistry, tax time finances.

Winter 2024

TAGS |Winter issues: body condition score, equine behaviour, equine asthma,  respiratory health, cooling out, strangles, biosecurity, sickness prevention, year-end finances.

Fall 2023

TAGS | Fall issues: lameness, mud control, mud fever, rabies, health alerts, blanketing.

Summer 2023

TAGS | Summer issues: air pollution, air quality, respiratory health, smoke inhalation, dehydration, soil health, fire codes, emergency preparedness, biosecurity, boot baths, sunburn, photosensitivity.

Spring 2023

TAGS | Spring issues: vaccination, mare & Foal care, Vitamin E & Selenium, dentistry, colic, biosecurity, fitness.

Winter 2023

TAGS | Winter issues: air quality, lameness, respiratory health, fitness, year-end finances, winter management tips for the outdoor horse, horse health check, research annual, stem cell research for osteoarthritis.

Fall 2022

TAGS | Fall issues: preparing for winter, horse pain behaviour, lameness, nutrition, deworming, health alerts, neurological diseases, equine asthma, heaves, biosecurity.

Summer 2022

TAGS | Horse Health check, sight, behaviour, biosecurity.

Spring 2022

TAGS | Spring issues: vaccination, lameness, mud management, equine pregnancy research, pasture management, spring grass, sickness prevention in horses, biosecurity, disease control, colic, body condition score, extending hay supply, spring cleaning.

Winter 2022

TAGS | Winter issues: air quality, body condition scoring, colic research, hoof care, lameness, nutrition, respiratory health, supplements.

Fall 2021

TAGS | Fall issues: mud management, nutrition, forage, NSC's, Non-structural carbohydrates, hay, laminitis, blanketing, farm safety tips, equine behaviour, lameness, ticks.

Summer 2021

TAGS | Summer Issues: ticks, recognizing pain. Dehydration, fly control, pasture management, parasite control. Hoof care, broodmare nutrition, foal handling, skin diseases, biosecurity.

Spring 2021

TAGS | Spring issues: pasture management, spring grass. Dental issues, sickness prevention in horses. Biosecurity, laminitis, nutrition, equine asthma, heaves. Vaccination, mud management, body condition score.

Winter 2021

TAGS | Winter issues: research update, heaves. Equine asthma, respiratory research, toxic plant yew. Equine behaviour, first aid, shoe removal. Winter hoof care, antimicrobial stewardship. Body condition scoring, lameness, pain recognition. Hay belly, nutrition, the outdoor horse, social bond research.

Fall 2020

TAGS | Fall issues: nutrition, ration balancer, forage, laminitis, blanketing, fire prevention, business financial tips, equine behaviour, osteoarthritis.

Summer 2020

TAGS | Summer Issues: hay quality,  fire safety, dentistry, equine learning theory. Ticks, recognizing pain, equine fitness, heat stress, dehydration, allergies. Equine code of practice, fly control, coughs, trailer safety.

Spring 2020

TAGS | Spring issues: sickness prevention in horses. Equine care during a pandemic, biosecurity. Concussion awareness, Vitamin D research in horses with colitis. Colic, laminitis, nutrition, safely reducing feed, infection control.

Winter 2020

TAGS | Winter issues: antibiotic use, biosecurity. Equine welfare education, respiratory research, body condition scoring. Nutrition , myths about bran mash, minimum forage needs. Blanketing, preparing your barn for winter.

Fall 2019

TAGS | Fall issues: nutrition, forage changes, colic, gut health, flu, west nile virus, strangles, laminitis,biosecurity, vaccinations, blanketing.

Summer 2019

TAGS | Summer Issues: hay myths, dehydration, skin irritations. Skin diseases, parasites and pregnancy, ticks. Lyme disease, equine code of practice.

Spring 2019

TAGS | Spring issues: colic, laminitis, mare and foal care, breeding, blanketing, mud, dentistry, nutrition, biosecurity, vaccination, fire prevention.

Winter 2019

TAGS | Winter issues: first aid, gastric ulcers, biosecurity. Body condition score, cold weather riding, outdoor horse. Heaves, respiratory disease, transition feed, extend hay supply.

Fall 2018

TAGS | Fall issues: pasture management, reseeding, gut health, colic, vaccination, sickness prevention, nutrition, dental, watering systems.

Summer 2018

TAGS | Summer issues: hay moisture resulting in combustion and barn fire. Manure management, nutrition. Wood chewing, lameness. Antimicrobial resistance, heat stress. Dehydration, hot tips for staying cool. Wounds, biosecurity, skin diseases and allergies. Pasture management, fly and rodent control. Journey through the joints.

Spring 2018

TAGS | Spring issues: orphaned foal care, EHV virus & abortion, parasite control, fecal egg count test, colic.

Winter 2018

TAGS | Winter issues: equine nutrition, low body condition score, selenium, respiratory infection, hoof care, blanket checks, riding in cold temperatures.

Fall 2017

TAGS | Fall issues: senior horse features on nutrition, body condition score, dental care, osteoarthritis & EMS. Ventilation, vaccinations, pasture management, parasites.

Summer 2017

TAGS | Summer Issues: heat stress, heat exhaustion. Dehydration, hot tips for staying cool, electrolytes. Poisonous plants, bugs and pests. Wounds, fecal samples, parasites, biosecurity. Body condition score, obesity due to pasture. Youth learning behaviour & safety, equine code of practice.

Spring 2017

TAGS | Spring Issues: Biosecurity, breeding, build muscle, protein, nutrition, stretching hay supply, laminitis, vaccination, colic.

Winter 2017

TAGS | Winter issues - barn fire prevention (extension cords). Ammonia levels in stalls, care of the outdoor horse. Research and education on equine behaviour, nutrition, exercise.

Fall 2016

TAGS | Fall issues - barn fire prevention tool, rotating pasture. Blanketing, horse farm safety checklist, hay storage. Tapeworms, heated water solutions, role of fibre. Biosecurity education and training.

Summer 2016

TAGS | Summer issues - vaccination, rabies, nutrition, fecal tests, deworming, dehydration, wounds, footing, laminitis, lameness, biosecurity, pasture management.

Spring 2016

TAGS | Spring issues - lameness, mud management, colic, nutrition. Equine genetics and growth, hydration and salt, teeth, dentistry. Pests, insects, biosecurity, vaccination.

Winter 2016

TAGS | Winter issues - Ice Advice, Drafts vs. Dust. Feed Transitions, Safety eWorkshop, Soaking Hay. Senior Horse Challenge, Cool Out Tips. Forage & Thermoregulation, Horse Health Tracker App and 2016 the Year of Biosecurity.

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Fall 2015

TAGS | Fall issues - pasture paddock management, water systems. Fence repair, body condition score, bots. Horse health tracker, colic, hay testing. Manure storage, dental issues, vaccination foals. First aid, blankets, infection control. Winter preparation, lifetime planning, change or end of career, code decoder.

Summer 2015

TAGS | Summer issues - replacing nutrients, poison in your pasture. Progress in pain recognition, wound care. Sun burn, biosecurity on the road. Skin irritations, ground hogs, dehydration. Parasite control, husbandry practices, code of practice.

Spring 2015

TAGS | Spring issues- nutrition right from the start, laminitis. First aid, vaccination, biosecurity, dentistry, digestive health. Gut function, leg wrapping, facility and housing, code of practice.

Winter 2015

TAGS | Winter issues - Winter respiration issues, footing. Clean air, winter riding tips, ice hazards - water, pipes, pathways, vacation preparedness. Workshops, senior horse care, equine welfare, code of practice.

Fall 2014

TAGS | Fall issues - nutrition, health check, parasites. Tapeworms, fecal test, worming, senior care. Fence repair, hay, vaccination, flu, winter preparation. Exercise, conditioning, lifetime planning, leg injuries, arthritis, equine athlete management.

Summer 2014

TAGS | Summer issues - dehydration, biosecurity, skin disease. Conditioning, hoof care, lameness, wound care, manure management. Pest control, hazards on the horse farm.

Spring 2014

TAGS | Spring issues - Mud Fever, Vaccinations, Parasite Control. Host your own clinic, Thrush, Mud management. Laminitis, Biosecurity, Fecal testing, Transporting Safely, Trailering.

Winter 2014

TAGS | Winter issues - soundness, clean air, respiration issues. Senior horse care, senior diet, colic, clear paths. Cooling out, blanketing, fire safety. Five freedoms of equine welfare, code of practice.

Fall 2013

TAGS | Fall issues - parasites, bots, fecal test, drug resistance, worming. Dental, senior care, fence repair, pasture management, sacrifice paddocks. Winter preparation, manure management, composting.

Summer 2013

TAGS | Summer issues - dehydration, electrolytes, heat stress. Pests, flies, skin disease, allergies, pasture maintenance. Grazing, wounds, lameness, hoof care, fitness. Training, colic prevention.

Spring 2013

TAGS | Spring issues – vaccination, deworming, mud management. Vaccinating, proper fecal analysis, dental. Introduction to grass, increasing exercise, immunizing broodmares and foals. Growth and reproduction, colic prevention.

Winter 2013

TAGS | Winter respiration issues – turn out, herd introductions, hay issues, body condition, hydration, traction, extreme cold, cooling out, colic prevention.

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