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| New Horse Health Check Poster |

Horse Health Check poster

Equine Guelph's new Horse Health Check poster is an indispensable tool for any horse owner who wants to give the best possible care to their horse.

This handy reference tool provides a quick and easy 16-point systematic method to check vitals, figure out normal baselines and alert you when potential health problems are brewing.

The laminated Horse Health Check poster is perfect for posting on a stable wall!


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Purchase this poster for $9.99 + shipping & handling

- contact horses@uoguelph.ca

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| Body Condition Scoring Chart Poster |


Body Condition Score Chart Poster

Good health depends on ideal body weight

The Body Condition Scoring Chart gives owners a horse scale to monitor the weight of a horse.

This is a system developed many years ago by Dr. Henneke to monitor broodmares, but it is applicable to all horses, and all breeds.

It is done by visual AND hand palpation of 6 specific areas on the horse to detect the amount of fat laid down in that area. Horses, like humans, lay down fat in different areas of the body, and at different rates when gaining or losing body weight.

This scoring system can track the condition of the body over time to give you a better method to monitor the horse.

Hang in your barn for quick and easy reference.

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Purchase this poster based on the Henneke system for $9.99
+ shipping & handling

- contact horses@uoguelph.ca

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In partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Equine Guelph is developing an equine welfare educational initiative, "Full-Circle-Responsibility", which stands to benefit the welfare of horses in both the racing and non-racing sectors.
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  Development of equine welfare training tools is being funded in part through Growing Forward 2 (GF2), a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Agricultural Adaptation Council assists in the delivery of GF2 in Ontario.  
Other partners include:
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