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Equine Science Certificate Program Reaches Milestone ...September 2006

Management of the Equine Environment, part of the multi-award winning Equine Science Certificate online program, marked its 10th offering this fall. The course examines how to set-up and manage a safe and environmentally responsible horse housing establishment.

"I believe that we, as caregivers, hold a tremendous responsibility to our horses" says Susan Raymond, instructor. "The environment that we create for them has a considerable impact on their welfare, health and performance ability, regardless of discipline. The continued support from the industry of this course and the entire program shows the strong commitment being made for our horses."

The Equine Science Certificate has entered its 4th year and has surpassed 770 students world-wide. This innovative online program enables horse enthusiasts to acquire the skills and knowledge to progress in the industry. It also helps owners from around the world to improve equine welfare and health through continuing education delivered in a flexible and accessible venue.

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