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The Royal Report - EquiMania! Rules!November 2006

EquiMania! at the Royal proudly sponsored by the Ontario Harness Horse Association. EquiMania_logo

Did you know a horse has frog and a chestnut? Or that a horse has two wolf teeth? Many visitors that completed the EquiMania! Workbook Quiz, were surprised by how much they had to learn! Proudly sponsored by the Ontario Harness Horse Association, this was EquiMania!'s first appearance at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. EquiMania!, created and presented by Equine Guelph, University of Guelph, with its new, interactive youth program to promote horse health and safety received great praise from horse and pony lovers of all ages and disciplines. From western riders, pony clubbers, racing fans and future vets to farmers and horse enthusiasts on their way to see the Superdogs or chickens or rabbits, everybody learned something, and said they enjoyed doing so!

EquiMania! at The Royal, Open for Business! Marg Murray (EquiMania!), Susan Raymond (Equine Guelph), Wendy MacCoubrey (Equine Guelph), PC Ron Green (Toronto Mounted Police), Sean Marak (Equine Guelph), John Walzak (OHHA), Jim Whelan (OHHA), Gayle Ecker (Equine Guelph), and Rob McLaughlin (RAWF and University of Guelph) (left to right).
Gayle Ecker with Ann deHaas (photographer of images used in memorial poster of Brigadier).

Horse-face masks, molding clay, colouring pages, a mount-able horse replica, and a box of horse bones to dig through and identify were a huge success with the youngest guests. All visitors enjoyed interesting and exciting displays, such as, SeeMore, a life-sized fibre glass horse that showed everything right down to bones, muscles and organs. There were also lively presentations on research, welfare and performance related topics including a balanced horse diet, anatomy, stable management, running a horse business and barn safety. The famous Standardbred breeder Doug Nash delighted the audience with a discussion largely focused on foals. Police Constable Green of The Toronto Mounted Unit answered numerous questions as he met many diverse members of the public during his time at the Fair and he impressed and entertained all with details of his horse-related work -- while also selling posters with proceeds to the Brigadier Memorial Fund, University of Guelph. EquiMania! staff were welcoming, friendly, and provided guidance and encouragement with all the hands-on activities that were a big hit for all ages.



On-site computers allowed visitors to explore both the EquiMania! website and Groom One interactive cd-rom. The Ontario Veterinary College raffled an equine first aid kit. Many future students studied the other scholastic options available, including the Equine Science Certificate, as well as Canada's first degree program in Equine Management from the University of Guelph.



The Royal Winter Fair, There's No Show Like it in the World - It's The Biggest, The Best, The Countriest, and held right downtown in Toronto, Ontario, at Exhibition Place, in the Direct Energy Centre. EquiMania! fit right in and was a crowd pleaser. Housed next to the Ricoh Coliseum, above the petting zoo and covering the entire Upper West Annex, the comprehensive displays were fun and educational too. Where else could people go to learn that a horse has 210 bones?

Mark your calendars! EquiMania!'s next stop is the Can-Am All Breeds Equine Emporium, London, Ontario, March 15-17, 2007.

Through its educational programs, Equine Guelph promotes horse health and well-being. Youth interested in learning more about horses and their proper care are encouraged to visit the EquiMania! website, often as new items are added on a regular basis. Other education programs in place for adults are the multi-award winning Equine Science Certificate Program and the newly launched Industry Skills Program for new grooms.


Equine Guelph thanks the Ontario Harness Horse Association for supporting EquiMania!
at this year's Royal Agricultural Winter Fair!

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- Kim Logue