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Equine Guelph to co-sponsor Lay Judge Clinic with the Ontario Competitive Trail Riders AssociationFebruary 2007

When: March 3 - Lay Judge Clinic 8:30am-5pm

Where: Lifelearn Centre, Ontario Veterinary College, Guelph, Ontario (corner of McGilvray and Gordon) (directions)

Details: This seminar is open to anyone interested in the sport of long distance riding. All OCTRA members are encouraged to attend. Clinic fee is $30.00. Members wishing to pursue Lay Judge qualifications will be required to write an examination after the clinic, to begin the process of certification. In addition to lecture materials, a knowledge of OCTRA rules is required for success.

The clinic offers equine lameness identification and degree assessment, physiology, metabolics, stressers; the role of the Lay Judge, Veterinarian Judge, Treatment Veterinarian; Lay Judge responsibilities, ethics and morals; the role of Pulse and Respiration technicians. This clinic will be of interest to all ride veterinarians. Current Lay Judges are invited to attend as a re-qualifier for the 2007 ride season. A no-charge fee applies to both veterinarians and current Lay Judges re-qualifying.

website references:
OCTRA Rule Book
Horse Health Check

Please contact Sue Downing, Education Chair (OCTRA)