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Equine Science Certificate Program Celebrates 5th AnniversaryMay 2007

D_LandryThe multi-award winning Equine Science Certificate online program celebrate its 5th anniversary with the start of the spring courses.

With over 900 students, this world-wide, multi-discipline learning community enables participants to acquire the skills and knowledge to progress in the industry.

Student, E. Sherman, from the US says, "This certificate program is a must for any barn and/or horse owner in terms of keeping up to date with the latest material on the care of the horse and the horse's environment. The calibre of teaching is excellent and the student is challenged repeatedly throughout the courses."

Given the success of the program's first five years, going forward the vision is the continued growth of the program to improve the health and welfare of horses around the world. "The majority of horse welfare issues I see in the industry today are from lack of knowledge. Sometimes the owner is not even aware of it. They have been told it’s always been done that way!", states Ken Armstrong, DVM and instructor. The Equine Science Certificate program enables horse enthusiasts from around the world to improve equine welfare and health through continuing education delivered in a flexible and accessible venue.

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