Current news is available at, Equine Guelph's online learning platform for practical, quick learning. Given the vast amount of information on horse health and welfare, Equine Guelph has archived its past news articles from 2002-2020. They are listed below, along with a search function available to find specific healthcare topics.

International Thoroughbred Digest Contest for Equine Guelph Workshop ParticipantsJuly 2007


International Thoroughbred Digest, a bi-monthly publication dedicated to the Canadian racing community and horse industry, is very pleased to announce a new contest for the participants of Equine Guelph's Equine Journalism Workshop. Watch for the winning article and photo in an upcoming issue of International Thoroughbred Digest, including a profile of each of the winners.

Equine Guelph thanks International Thoroughbred Digest for supporting the Education Program. Working with industry leaders, Equine Guelph’s award-winning education program focuses on lifelong learning representing an investment in the future of the equine industry.

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