Current news is available at, Equine Guelph's online learning platform for practical, quick learning. Given the vast amount of information on horse health and welfare, Equine Guelph has archived its past news articles from 2002-2020. They are listed below, along with a search function available to find specific healthcare topics.

Welcome to Equine Guelph's New Website!October 2007

Equine Guelph welcomes the horse industry to its re-designed website. The site includes a new look and updates many existing program selections. The fresh, modern design allows readers to access the services of Equine Guelph in a dynamic, interactive way. Users can discover new features, such as, Expert's Corner while accessing current educational opportunities in an easy to navigate layout.

Equine Guelph is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of horses by focusing on five interrelated areas: research, education and training, performance, healthcare and industry development. A goal of the new website design is to provide resources available to the horse industry including; research advances, diagnosis capabilities, educational investments and giving opportunities in a fresh way. Please let us know what you think and have fun exploring.