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Equine Guelph Announces Exciting Additions to Equine Education Program.December 2007

New Diploma in Equine Studies, New Certificate in Equine Business Management, Electives now offered for Equine Science Certificate

Equine Guelph and the Office of Open Learning are pleased to announce new equine continuing education opportunities through the University of Guelph – The Diploma in Equine Studies and the Certificate in Equine Business Management. These will be offered in addition to the multi-award winning Equine Science Certificate.

The new Diploma in Equine Studies consists of ten courses; the original six first offered in the Equine Science Certificate as well as Equine Behaviour (first offering May, 2008), Equine Genetics, Equine Integrated Therapies and Equine Business Management.

The Certificate in Equine Business Management continues with the introduction provided in Equine Business Management. This certificate consists of five core courses; Equine Business Management, Management of the Equine Environment, The Equine Industry, Marketing & Communications in the Equine Industry, and Financial and Risk Assessment; and one elective selected from Equine Journalism, Equine Event Management or Equine Facility Design.

Finally, the Equine Science Certificate will be changed in May, 2008 from the current six courses to four core courses and two electives. The core courses will be Management of the Equine Environment, Equine Nutrition, Health & Disease Prevention and Functional Anatomy. Students will be able to choose 2 electives from Exercise Physiology, Growth & Development, Equine Behaviour (first offering May 2008) and Genetics (first offering TBA). These changes will allow students to customize the program to suit their individual needs. Students can choose to continue their studies to receive the Diploma in Equine Studies.

"One of the goals of Equine Guelph’s education program is to provide a pathway for lifetime learning and career development to people in the horse industry.  The second certificate and the diploma offer to our industry an increased variety of learning opportunities to help support the health and welfare of the horse"” says Gayle Ecker, Senior Manager, Equine Guelph.  "Students taking these courses will have a flexible, accessible method of advancing their careers by developing further areas of expertise."

"By expanding the offering to the Diploma in Equine Studies; our students will able to study the science-based areas related to the care of their horses. It is vital for our industry to establish a standard for adult learners who wish to be a part of the equine industry." adds Melanie Prosser, Program Development Manager, Office of Open Learning.

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