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Equine Behaviour Online Course, First Offering May 2008!December 2007

Equine Guelph and the Office of Open Learning are pleased to announce the first offering of Equine Behaviour, part of the multi-award winning Equine Science Certificate, instructed by Dr. Uta VonBorstel, Kemptville Campus, University of Guelph. Equine Behaviour will provide students with access to the most recent evidence based insights into horse behaviour and its interpretation, including the challenges placed on them due to domestication.

The Equine Science Certificate program delivers continuing education world-wide in a flexible and accessible venue. "The continued growth of this program enables horse enthusiasts from around the world to improve equine health and welfare." says Gayle Ecker, Senior Manager, Equine Guelph. "The addition of Equine Behaviour to our current courses will allow students to explore the language of horses with an emphasis on the effects of our management decisions on both desirable and undesirable behaviours."

Equine Behaviour is also part of the new Diploma in Equine Studies. The diploma consists of ten courses; the original six first offered in the Equine Science Certificate as well as Equine Behaviour, Equine Genetics, Equine Integrated Therapies and Equine Business Management.

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