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Calculating the Biosecurity Risk on Your FarmOctober 2008


Guelph, Ontario - Equine Guelph, in partnership with Vétoquinol Canada, will unveil the online Equine Biosecurity Risk Calculator at this year’s Ontario Equestrian Federation Conference, November 28-30.

The Equine Biosecurity Risk Calculator allows horse owners to calculate the associated risk with their current management practices. Biosecurity involves management practices that reduce the chances that infectious disease will be carried onto the farm by animals or people, and reduces the spread of infectious disease on farms. The Equine Biosecurity Risk Calculator considers factors that increase the risk of spreading infectious disease against factors that decrease that risk on an individual farm.

The Equine Biosecurity Risk Calculator will be available to the equine industry on Equine Guelph’s website,, as well as incorporated into Equine Guelph’s award winning online Equine Science Certificate and Diploma programs.

“Implementation of a biosecurity protocol is important to reduce the risk of spreading infectious disease on any horse farm”, says Caroline Desforges, Biosecurity & Equine Product Manager, Vétoquinol Canada. “An ounce of disease prevention is worth a pound of managing an infectious outbreak!”

The online resource will give horse owners a great starting point by showing the potential risks currently present on their farm and the most practical ways to decrease that risk. The Equine Biosecurity Risk Calculator will assist horse owners and caregivers to assess and possibly improve conditions on their farm for health and well-being of both them and their horses.

Equine Guelph thanks Vétoquinol Canada for supporting the education program.

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