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CleanFARMS™ collection program for obsolete pesticides, animal health products and used sharps: Coming to a community near you October 20-22!  September 2009

A well-established obsolete pesticide collection program is being expanded this year to also provide farmers with safe disposal for unused animal health products and sharps. This first-of-its-kind program is taking place October 20 - 22 as part of an Ontario government-supported Great Lakes Basin water quality initiative that offers farmers a way to recycle these items.

How it works

As part of the CleanFARMS™ program, farmers will be able to bring their obsolete agricultural pesticides, unused animal health products and used sharps (needles, syringes and scalpel blades) to a series of 16 collection sites across the province for safe and environmentally responsible disposal. The service is free of charge for farmers.

Agricultural pesticide products should have a PCP number on the container, although in cases where the label is no longer present or it is unknown which particular pesticide was in the container, the product should be labeled “pesticide unknown” when it is brought to a collection site. Acceptable animal health products should have a label that contains a Drug Identification Number (DIN).

The program is available to all farmers as long as the products brought in for collection meet the above-noted requirements. Product is collected on a first come, first serve basis until the secure collection totes are full. If you know in advance that you will have a large volume of product to bring in, please call AGCare at 519-837-1326 so that we can make appropriate arrangements for additional collection boxes.

Loose sharps not accepted

Collection sites will not accept pesticides and animal health products in aerosol containers, medicated feed, premise disinfectants, or any household or human use items. Loose sharps will not be accepted – they must be brought in a closed container. Ziploc bags are not acceptable.

Locations (click for map)

The program will run at the following locations during their respective business hours:

  • A   Ailsa Craig: Hensall District Co-operative
  • B   Arnprior: M&R Feeds and Farm Supply Ltd.
  • C   Bethany: Thompsons Limited
  • D   Brodhagen: Hoegy’s Farm Supply Ltd.
  • E   Courtland: Cargill AgHorizons
  • F   Dundalk: Huron Bay Co-operative
  • G   Harriston: North Wellington Co-operative Inc.
  • H   Kitchener: GROWMARK Inc. – Distribution Centre
  • I   Lancaster: Munro’s Agromart Ltd.
  • J   Napanee: O’Neill’s Farm Supply
  • K   Jordan Station: Vineland Growers Co-operative Ltd.
  • L   Thornloe: Co-op Regionale – Temiskaming Ag Centre
  • M   Orangeville: Holmes Agro Ltd.
  • N   Thunder Bay: Thunder Bay Co-op Farm Supply
  • O   Tilbury: Cargill AgHorizons
  • P   Vienna: Max Underhill’s Farm Supply Ltd.

(Note: letters correspond with map locations)

Background and funding

Pesticide collection programs have been run in Canada by CropLife Canada since 1998 under the CleanFARMSTM banner. More than 270,000 kilograms of obsolete product have been collected in Ontario during previous collection campaigns in 2001 and 2005. A pilot project collecting just animal health products and used sharps was held at six collection sites in Ontario last fall. This year’s expanded program is being run on a trial basis in conjunction with a feasibility study looking at long term, sustainable collection options for these products.

This program is co-ordinated by AGCare with financial support from CropLife Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Other project partners include Ontario Farm Animal Council, Canadian Animal Health Institute, Ontario Veterinary Medical Association and Ontario Agri Business Association.

For more information (brochure)

Designated volunteers will be available at each site during the collection period to receive product and answer questions. In advance of the collection days, please contact AGCare at 519-837-1326, email or visit