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Cast Your Vote for the Equine Guelph Education Program  October 2009

We have exciting news!

Equine Guelph has been nominated for the 2009 FEI Development Award.
Now we need your vote!

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Equine Guelph has been developing a multi-level education program for the horse industry that includes our award winning online courses, hands on seminars and workshops and the EquiMania! kids education program.

Equine health and well-being has been a central theme to all of the programs including safety and promotion.

  • To Cast Your Vote:
    • go to
    • in "Nominee: " enter "Equine Guelph Education Program"

  • Take a minute and do this now, to ensure your vote counts before the Friday October 17, 2009 closing!

    You can then add your own reasons why the Equine Guelph Education program is your choice! Stories of how our programs have helped you with your horse’s health and care, or how opportunities in the horse industry became available to you because of your dedication to learning is a great way to provide the award selection committee with evidence of the impact of our educational programs.

    Send this information to your friends and spread the word to let others know they can join in and recognize this program.

    VOTE TODAY by going to:


  • Thank you for joining with us!