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Is Your Horse Farm at Risk?

Does your farm at Bio-Security risk?

By Henrietta Coole
Live and online now, Equine Guelph’s new and improved Biosecurity Calculator, sponsored by Vétoquinol, is a tool designed for horse owners to generate a report that grades them on their biosecurity management practices on their farms.

Today, the equine industry faces a high biosecurity risk – especially given the high rate of movement of horses between farms and other venues. Caretakers need to take every possible step to decrease their biosecurity risk. The Biosecurity Calculator will assist in developing management practices which will reduce the chances of the spread of infectious disease.

Upon launching the online tool, horse owners are asked to complete a series of 33 questions in 9 categories:

1. Your Farm
2. Horse Movement
3. General Protocol
4. Feed Storage
5. Isolation/Quarantine
6. Cleaning/Disinfection
7. Vaccination
8. Deworming
9. Veterinary Care

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and give you a report on the areas in which your farm scored well and the areas that need improvement.

“Every horse owner should think about a biosecurity management plan,” says Karan Ann Paradis, Equine Product Manager of Vétoquinol . “Having a solid understanding of equine health, infectious disease and disease control is paramount in reducing biosecurity risk. Vétoquinol is pleased to partner with Equine Guelph to offer this important educational tool to caretakers.”

Please click here to check out the risk on your farm.