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Equine Guelph Congratulates all Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame InducteesAugust 2010

Gayle Ecker,  congratulating Joe Muscara Jr.

Gayle Ecker, director of Equine Guelph is pictured here congratulating Joe Muscara Jr., owner of 2010 inductee, Mister Big. Earlier in the year Muscara donated a breeding to his Standardbred sensation, Mister Big, standing at Tara Hills Stud in Port Perry. Funds raised were directed to Equine Guelph’s education program.

Joe Muscara Jr. praises Equine Guelph for all the work they have done for the horse industry in Ontario. Muscara also gives credit because the information he learned while taking Equine Guelph courses on nutrition, genetics and the conditioning of horses has played a part in his recent success.

Ecker congratulates other inductees: Victory Gallop, Lady Angela, Victorian Era, Mel Lawson, Frank Barroby in the Thoroughbred category and Mister Big, Classic Wish, Robert McIntosh, Peter Herring and A Worthy Lad in the Standardbred category.