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Top-Notch Speakers for Online Studies at Equine GuelphJanuary 2011

by Equine Guelph Staff
Equine Guelph is pleased to announce an impressive line-up of speakers will be joining the online course called, The Equine Industry, a part of the online equine studies program offered by Equine Guelph.

Dr. Sandra Olsen, Curator of Anthropology of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and author of the course textbook, will be joining the course to expand upon the domestication of the horse. Dr. Olsen’s work has uncovered the earliest evidence of domestication of the horse and she was also one of the creators of “The Horse” exhibit that premiered at the American Museum of Natural History and now at the Museum of Civilization in Canada.

Joining the prestigious line-up of special guests will be Dr. Jeff Thomason, hoof researcher with the University of Guelph, sharing his insights on the anatomical changes of the horse (in particular the hoof) throughout 55 million years of evolution. Mr. Derek Nelson, formerly World Affairs Analyst for Thomson News Service, will be sharing his insights on the military role of the horse and its impact on several world battles that changed the course of history forever.

“It is a great thrill for our students to have the opportunity to spend a week with Dr. Olsen and learn about this pivotal point in history, when horses were first domesticated and the subsequent effect this had on many aspects of culture and society.” said Gayle Ecker, Director of Equine Guelph and course instructor. “Our group of guests for this course is top-notch and we are pleased they are willing to share their specialized knowledge with our students.”

Other January courses on offer include Anatomy, Nutrition, Health and Disease Prevention, and Management of the Equine Environment, and Marketing and Communications. Visit for more information about courses and registration.