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U of G Researcher, Dr. Jeff Thomason co-author in Internationally Acclaimed Track Surfaces PaperJuly 2011

A number of factors affect the performance of a racing or training surface according to the 34-page “Racing Surfaces White Paper” published in June this year.

At the racetrackThis international publication is a valuable collection of scientific papers co-authored by an esteemed panel including: Dr. Mick Peterson, (University of Maine), Dr. Jeffrey Thomason (University of Guelph), Dr. Lars Roepstorrf (Swedish University of Agricultural Science), Dr. C. Wayne McIlwraith, (Colorado State University), and Christie Mahaffey, MPhil (University of Maine).

Though there is still much research to be done since the forming of the racing surfaces committee at the inaugural Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit in 2006, this publication will benefit trainers, track superintendants and any person in charge of riding surfaces. Details of proper maintenance of surfaces and training guidelines can be found, based on the knowledge gained from the researcher’s findings thus far.

Track maintenance at a racetrackThe download is available at “Racing Surfaces White Paper”