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The stewardship of antibiotics in horsesSeptember 2011

There will be a one-day session Tuesday November 1st 2011 that will focus on the stewardship of antibiotics in equine medicine. The session, for which one day registration is available, is part of a larger 3-day national conference (October 30th-November 2nd), on Antimicrobial Stewardship in Canadian Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Conference: How is Canada doing and what still needs to be done?

The session will be opened by a keynote talk by Dr Steeve Giguère, University of Georgia, an expert in antibiotic use in horses, who will discuss whether there is good antimicrobial stewardship in equine medicine. Dr Francesca Sampieri, Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), will then discuss her study of decision making on antibiotic selection and use by equine practitioners. Dr Jay Donecker from Pfizer Animal Health, and Dr. Trisha Dowling of WCVM will present data on susceptibility testing of equine bacterial pathogens and what this tells us about resistance problems and stewardship. There will then be a panel discussion on the role of laboratory data in improving antibiotic selection and use.

Dr Maureen Anderson, Ontario Veterinary College, will discuss the emergence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in horses and in equine practitioners around the world, and the role of infection control in good antimicrobial stewardship.

Trisha Dowling will discuss the role of the pharmacologist in promoting optimal antibiotic efficacy and reducing resistance. There will also be discussion on alternatives to antibiotics (Francesca Sampieri) and on the important issue of antibiotic-associated diarrhea in horses (Jay Donecker). Finally, we hope that a representative of the Ontario Association of Equine Practitioners will discuss perceived impediments to good antimicrobial stewardship in horses.

The day will conclude with a group discussion on impediments to reducing antibiotic use and effective next steps for improving antibiotic stewardship in equine medicine, as well as how to communicate the message of antibiotic stewardship in horses. Everyone using antibiotics in horses will find this an informative, understandable, dynamic and interactive national conference.

The conference will be at the Toronto Marriott Airport Hotel, October 30th – Nov 2nd, 2011.

Details including registration at .

Contact: Conference secretariat (519) 263 5050; Bobbi Hoffman, The Bayley Group.