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For those interested in capitalizing on your equine investment. The Town of Erin will be conducting an in-depth survey with equine and equine-related businesses and equine users. Equine Guelph is a strong supporter of this initiative.

If you would like to be considered for contributing to this effort. This will allow your name to be put forward for consideration as a potential interviewee. Contact Mary Venneman ( Your privacy is guaranteed. The surveys will be entered anonymously and the contact list managed by OMAFRA in accordance with privacy legislation.


The Town of Erin’s Economic Development Committee is undertaking a Business Retention & Expansion (BR+E). Program to promote Erin as the equine location of choice. The program is an adapted version of OMAFRA’s BR+E program that has been successfully implemented in 200+ communities in Ontario. The program will result in industry recommendations brought forward to Council. How to strengthen and expand the equine industry in the Town of Erin.

A community task force comprised of representatives from the equine sector and community is coordinating the program. The task force members are:

Margie Godson - Myrddin Farms
Alf Budweth - Budsons Farm & Feed
Gayle Ecker - Director, Equine Guelph
Dr. Kim Hall - Director, Bell Canada and project statistician
Brian Gentles - Financial Advisor, Chair of the Town of Erin Economic Development Committee, and co-project coordinator
Josie Wintersinger - Councilor, Town of Erin
Mary Venneman – Independent consultant, Economic Development Committee member, and co-project coordinator
Ryan Deska – University of Guelph student, economic development program

The first step is an in-depth survey with equine and equine-related businesses and equine users. The interviews taking place between January and March 2012. In order to produce as unbiased results as possible. The task force is looking to randomly select persons to be interviewed. Survey responses will be entered into the database anonymously. The survey responses will be compiled into a draft report and recommendations. With a target of delivering the final report to Council in September 2012 in time to make then next budget cycle.