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Danger Detective Is Now Online For Kids!April 2012

-by Jackie Bellamy

Danger Detective Funny Bones

The hugely popular ‘Danger Detective’ workbook has come to life online at Interactive flash activities and videos make learning about safety on the horse farm fun! Kids can click their way to a printable certificate after completing online games in five categories: rider safety, safety around the horse, safety around equipment, safety in the barn and safety outside.

‘Danger Detective on the Horse Farm’ aims to take a “byte” out of the #1 causes of horse and equipment-related injuries and fatalities to youth. The way to keep our children safe is through education, and Equine Guelph has rallied with the industry to present this significant project.

Major partners include: Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) which receives funding from Growing Forward – a federal-provincial-territorial initiative; Equine Guelph; Equine Canada; Kubota Canada; SSG Gloves; Saddle Up SAFELY; System Fencing and Tack; University of Kentucky College of Agriculture (The Equine Initiative); University of Kentucky HealthCare; and Workplace Safety & Prevention Services. All equine federations are on-board, including: Alberta Equestrian Federation, Alberta Farm Safety Centre, Equine Association of Yukon, Fédération équestre du Québec, Horse Council British Columbia, Island Horse Council, Manitoba Horse Council, New Brunswick Equestrian Federation, Newfoundland Equestrian Association, Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation Ontario Equestrian Federation and Saskatchewan Horse Federation.

“Equine Guelph is excited to provide this great opportunity for kids to learn more about horses and safety online through the help of our committed industry partners,” says Gayle Ecker, Director Equine Guelph. “The online tool is interactive and kids will have fun while learning.”

Visit and use your cyber-savvy to become a Danger Detective on the horse farm!