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Olympic Athlete is Guest SpeakerJuly 2012

Canadian Olympic Athlete Jessica Phoenix to be Guest Speaker in Equine Guelph's Upcoming Online Exercise Physiology Course

Olympic Athlete Jessica Phoenix to be Guest Speaker in Equine Guelph's Upcoming Online Exercise Physiology CourseGuelph, Ontario - Exercise Physiology instructors Dr. Amanda Waller, of Michigan, and Gayle Ecker, Director of Equine Guelph welcome Gold medal eventer, Jessica Phoenix who will be one of the guest speakers in their class this September when she returns from representing Canada at the London Olympics.

Online courses at Equine Guelph at the University of Guelph, are not your typical classroom! In fact, they are not even your typical online program. Enriched learning, full of interaction with a forum of fellow horse enthusiasts signing in from around the globe discussing cutting edge research is just one reason Equine Guelph's line up of 19 courses continue to expand. Enrolment continues to increase in these evidenced-based courses delivered by an accredited university with top instructors and industry experts.

Waller, who has obtained her Ph.D. in Equine Exercise Physiology comments, "as a horse owner and competitor myself, I believe if we ask our horses to do physically demanding tasks then it is our responsibility to make sure we knowledgeably train and prepare them for this task. By continually working to increase our knowledge of training, conditioning and monitoring our horses, we will be better equipped to enhance the horse's athletic performance and to prevent health problems and injuries from developing."

Waller goes on to explain one of the clear benefits of taking the Equine Exercise Physiology course with Equine Guelph, is that it provides students with the opportunity to learn the most up-to-date information from instructors and guest speakers that are experts in their field. The most valuable outcome is that students can apply the knowledge they have gained to enhance the welfare of our equine partners.

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