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Story by: Kathleen Kocmarek

Equine Guelph logo imageGuelph, ON, Jan 9, 2013 - Horse-people are remarkable problem solvers; when a horse colics, we are quick to call the vet and begin the appropriate treatment. If the paddock fencing breaks, we can have it back up in no time flat. And if an unruly horse needs a training tune up, we deal with it promptly and calmly. But what do you do when your equine business is struggling to make a profit year after year? You enroll in Equine Guelph’s Business Management courses.

Developed for horse-people by industry experts, the Equine Business Management courses at the University of Guelph will address your needs in ways other business programs cannot. We understand the unique challenges your business faces and are fully equipped to help you overcome them. Courses such as Marketing and Communications in the Equine Industry, Equine Business Finance and Risk Management, and Management of the Equine Environment will help take your business to new heights. Courses are completely online for your convenience and are flexible enough to fit your busy schedule.

Offering a variety of programs such as a Diploma in Equine Studies or a Certificate in Equine Business Management, Equine Guelph’s courses will help you plan and achieve your business’s goals. You will be able to observe the way successful horse businesses are run, create your own business plan and risk assessments, and develop the skills needed grow a successful equine business.

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