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Intercity Insurance - Equine Guelph’s First ‘Education PatronMarch 2013

Story by: Jackie Bellamy

Equine Guelph is pleased to announce that Intercity Insurance has become an 'Education Patron' of Equine Guelph. Mike King of Intercity Insurance has been a loyal supporter of Equine Guelph and its educational programs for many years as an instructor and sponsor of the Hoofprints tribute program. Now King has made the commitment to support Equine Guelph’s education program at the next level.

With a background of over 40 years’ experience in the horse industry – riding, training, managing a barn, competing, teaching, judging and horse show organizing – Mike King is passionate about the equine industry and understands the importance of being a knowledgeable horse owner. “Intercity Insurance is proud to be an Education Patron of Equine Guelph – an organization dedicated to the health and well-being of horses through educating the equine industry, which ultimately leads to saving horses lives," says King. "As part of our partnership, for every equine insurance policy sold, Intercity provides a contribution to Equine Guelph’s education program.”

Go to Special Equine Guelph thanks Intercity for becoming an education patron and for their ongoing support of the Hoofprints tribute program which provides horse owners a valuable outlet to celebrate cherished memories. Intercity’s contributions as an education patron will help provide important stimulus to continue to build and improve Equine Guelph education programs for the equine industry.