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Lichman Keeps the Beat and Delivers a Treat!September 2013

Benefit Performance for Equine Guelph

David_Lichman_13_Julio_Scotty performingA full house of 275 horse enthusiasts raised $1850 for Equine Guelph while taking in a show at Northfield Farm in Rockwood, Ontario which delivered treats in triplicate. The first treat was watching Master horse trainer David Lichman perform his musical demonstration of natural horsemanship with his three equine companions. The second treat was the donation to Equine Guelph, who promotes equine welfare through their online educational programs. David has been donating fifty percent of all ticket sales to local equine-assisted activity and therapy organizations and youth programs throughout his North American tour and Equine Guelph was his choice for the event in Rockwood. And the third treat was for Lichman’s horses that happily gobbled up fibre nuggets as rewards throughout the performance for a job well done.

5 Star Parelli Professional, master horse trainer David Lichman has been driving his truck and hauling three of his best friends Julio, Thirteen and Scotty, since Friday, August 9, 2013. The three month trek across the USA, with one stop in Canada, includes a three-fold performance comprising a musical interactive show plus a lecture and clinic.

Lichman was in the first group of three instructors who achieved the 5-Star Master Parelli Professional level. In the past 20 years, he has taught thousands of students all over the world - from Canada to Costa Rica and from Austria to Australia.

Specializing in gaited horses but not an advocator of big shoes or chains on horses feet, Lichman trains his horses naturally. Lichman won a World Grand Championship at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in 1991 on a horse named “The Artful Dodger,” in the Light Shod Open Division.

Lichman’s 19 year-old Andalusian gelding, Julio, performed piaffe, passage, Spanish walk and flying lead changes with the greatest of ease with subtle visual and verbal cues. In the question/answer period of the show, Lichman explained how he uses a stick, simply to extend the reach of his arms, so that the horses more easily understand his gestures. He also comments that one of the important verbal commands (especially when you are working with more than one horse at a time) requires each horse to know their name and come when called.

Both of Lichman’s Tennessee Walking horses, Thirteen and Scotty, are ridden without a bridle or saddle during certain parts of the show. All of the horses rear, lie down, spin and do many other elegant moves completely free – no equipment attached. “I try to help people connect with horses so that it’s fun for both the human and the horse,” said Lichman.

Lichman’s show is improvisational. Although there are specific things the horses know, they have a say in what happens, depending on how they are feeling. The result is a display of affection, bonding and respect. In the educational clinics that follow the shows, music plays an important role. Lichman teamed up with Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, Mary Ann Kennedy, to create the concept of "Rhythm of the Ride," which uses music to help riders relax, get into the groove, and connect with their horses with more feeling and less thinking.

Equine Guelph thanks David Lichman for choosing them as the recipient of the proceeds from his show in Rockwood.

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