Current news is available at, Equine Guelph's online learning platform for practical, quick learning. Given the vast amount of information on horse health and welfare, Equine Guelph has archived its past news articles from 2002-2020. They are listed below, along with a search function available to find specific healthcare topics.

EquiMania! Brings New Features to the Royal!October 2013

November 1 - 10, EquiMania! will return for their 8th year at
the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair!

EquiManic at Minisota State FairEquine Guelph will be presenting a brand new Equine Welfare display outlining the full circle of responsibility every horse owner needs to know. Also new for 2014 is your free copy of the pocket Horse Health check guide (while quantities last). Learn 15 simple steps to monitoring your horses health with this handy pamphlet.

The interactive EquiMania! youth education display will be presenting all the popular displays from everyone's favorite ride "Shorty legs" the fiberglass horse, to the inner workings of the digestive system. EquiMania! is packed with useful tools and safety information for both horse owners and budding equine enthusiasts. No one makes learning more fun!

Thanks to generous sponsorship from Kubota, Ontario Equestrian Federation, SSG Gloves, System Fencing, Shur-Gain, Zoetis and Workplace Safety and Prevention Services; EquiMania! continues to be a family favorite at the fall fairs and many more equine functions!

Video camera clip-artWin cool prizes (ie- spring eWorkshop, Horse Health kit, EquiMania prize packs) by entering our facebook video contest which opens the first day of the Royal! All entries are eligible to be featured on Equine Guelph's EquiMania! website! Video your friends interacting with their favorite EquiMania! display or if you are not going to the Royal, shoot a video demonstrating a skill you saw on Equine Guelph's website.

Send video submissions (under five minutes please) to or post on YouTube and send us the link! To learn more about this contest and how to enter go to: Video Contest Rules.

Bring EquiMania! to your event! EquiMania! is taking event bookings and recruiting volunteers for 2014 - contact: