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Ontario Equine Cremation ServicesNovember 2013

The Business of Compassion

It is a vocation of compassion providing a dignified goodbye and lasting tributes for beloved horses. The Hunter family in Dorchester has been providing horse owners of Ontario with a caring option offering private cremations with their unique and eco-friendly system. Horse owners can then safely choose the option of burial at home or in a memorial keepsake.

Previously a crematorium for small pets, in 1999, The Hunter family realized a need in the equine community and now caters exclusively to honouring the lives of noble steeds. Ontario Equine Cremation Services also caters to the community in providing grief support contacts and by giving horse lovers an opportunity to donate to local charities.

Equine Guelph would like to thank O.E.C.S for passing along contributions, which help support programs that ‘help horses for life’. Equine Guelph also understands this difficult emotional loss and offers their “hoofprints program” as a way for horse owners to honour the memory of their horse by sharing an image and their story with all our online visitors.