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Understanding Behaviour Paves a Pathway to Safe HorsemanshipFebruary 2014

By Jackie Bellamy-Zions

woman holding horse's headBruised, kicked, dragged, squished and flattened are not terms you wish to associate with your leisure time spent with horses. A firm understanding of the herd and flight instincts influencing your equid is one of the best injury prevention investments you can make. Last year, Equine Guelph ran three offerings of the newly launched two week online course — Horse Behaviour and Safety.

There are ten topics of discussion designed for horse people who would like to learn more about the best practices for handling horses safely. Chapters covered include: the horse in the wild – a herd and flight animal, the modern day horse, how horses see, how horses hear, horse herd behaviour – how horses interact with each other, horse handling/approaching a horse, rider/helmet safety, trailer loading safety basics, safety around the barn and paddocks, and fire safety.

Student, Sue Williams of Owen Sound, Ontario shared her thoughts on Equine Guelph’s Safety and Behaviour eWorkshop, “This has been a wonderful way to learn and gain valuable information while still maintaining a busy home and work schedule,” comments Williams. Sharon Agnew-O'Brien of Ballyhaven Equestrian Centre in Consecon, Ontario, remarked, “I was so pleased with how much Dr. Rebecca Gimenez and the other students offered to the discussions on safety. The course was a totally unexpected pleasure.” High-profile, U.S. based, guest speaker, Dr. Rebecca Gimenez, comes from a large animal emergency rescue background and teaches horse handling skills all over the world. Gimenez will be returning to share her vast knowledge in this upcoming offering.

This two week online course is designed to be fun and flexible. Students will be engaged by interactive games, challenges and quizzes. “A well-structured refresher that covers all the basics is a must for all riding students, owners and volunteers alike,” proclaims student, Velika Mangova of Brooklin, Ontario. Upon completion of this short course, participants are eligible to receive a certificate from Equine Guelph. This eWorkshop also qualifies for Equine Canada coaches updating credits.

Equine Guelph thanks Vétoquinol Canada Inc. for sponsoring the Horse Behaviour and Safety eWorkshop.

Don’t miss out on the next offering of Equine Guelph's new Horse Behaviour and Safety eWorkshop, Mar 10 - 23, 2014 for $75 plus HST. Register early as space is limited.

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