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Research Update at WoodbineMay 2014

Equine Guelph logoStory by: Jackie Bellamy-Zions

Ontario Veterinary College researchers shared some of their latest results during a presentation at Woodbine racetrack on May 22, 2014, thanks to generous sponsorship from the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association of Ontario (HBPA) and Woodbine Entertainment Group.

This research day was open to all Woodbine members involved in day-to-day work with the horses, with the goal of reaching out to the “backstretch family” of trainers, riders, jockeys, grooms, veterinarians and others who contribute to the health and well-being of racehorses, said Dr. Peter Physick-Sheard of OVC’s Department of Population Medicine. “It provided a wonderful forum for researchers and graduate students to share their research, network and exchange ideas,” said Physick-Sheard. “It was also an opportunity to express our appreciation to the sponsors for their ongoing support of Equine Guelph research.”

The talks given by OVC researchers included:

• Dr. Jeff Thomason – “On the right track: pros and cons of modern track construction”

• Drs. Thomas Koch and Judith Koenig – “Update on umbilical cord blood stem cells and their use in the horse”

• Dr. Luis Arroyo – “Pulmonary artery calcification and potential clinical consequences”

• Dr. Peter Physick-Sheard – “Racetime heart rate and sudden death: the Woodbine ECG study”

Before the talks began, Equine Guelph’s research committee co-chair, Dr. Jeff Thomason thanked the significant amount of donors from the racing industry who have made contributions to Equine Guelph which in turn has provided funding to all of the projects discussed.

The room was packed full of information with researcher information boards as far as the eye could see. The researchers presented their latest findings, leaving time for question periods at the end of each session. A crowd keen for information kept the presenters busy through the lunch break and after the conference was over.

Equine Guelph would like to thank the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association of Ontario (HBPA) and Woodbine Entertainment Group for sponsoring this event.

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