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First Appearance for EquiMania! at the 2014 International Plowing Match & Rural ExpoSeptember 2014

Equine Guelph logoGood Old Days… Modern New Ways is the motto of the Simcoe County International Plowing Match presented by the Ontario Plowmen’s Association this September 16th – 20th. The event has traveled far and wide bringing a history lesson to every venue which is attended by over 10,000 students plus farmers, families and locals alike.

In its 101st year the International Plowing match will occupy more than 10 acres near Barrie, in Ivy, Ontario, giving attendees four huge tents full of education and entertainment and plenty of activities throughout the grounds.

EquiManic! logoAppearing for the first time in the lineup is the award winning, EquiMania! interactive exhibit designed to teach youth about horse health and safety. Simcoe County Education chairperson, Anne Arksey says, “EquiMania! is a perfect fit with our program, giving visitors a chance to learn more about horses.”

The International Plowing Match celebrates the horse’s role throughout history and today with a horse tent dedicated to demonstrations, the Canadian Cowgirls, Dodge RAM rodeo, plowing of course and EquiMania! A cool scavenger hunt will travel through time beginning in the First Nations Tepee, touring next through EquiMania! for tips on how to look after horses and then on to several more stops learning about agriculture through the ages before exiting at the prize station!

Did you know – a horse can plow approximately 10 acres of land a day? The plow has been depicted as far back as the Old Testament on Egyptian monuments. In the nineteenth century horses largely replaced oxen for drawing plows as they could pull at a faster pace. By the 1920’s tractors largely replaced the horse drawn plow but many communities (in particular Amish settlements) continue to plow with horses to this day.

Visit the education section to learn more and for details about the scavenger hunt. Don’t miss this exciting event sure to please everyone in the family with singing, dancing tractors, labyrinth, antique and historical displays, parades, little sprouts tent, EquiMania! and more.

For more information, please contact Anne Arksey Education Chairperson at: 705-734-0375 or