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Code Decoder Continues Full-Circle-Responsibility Crusade, We Challenge you to Widen the CircleApril 2015

Story by: Jackie Bellamy

(button) Code of Practice toolOver the past two years, Equine Guelph has chosen a specific topic for their annual communications program. In 2013, the “Year of Colic Prevention” was well-received, and this was followed by a focus in 2014 with the “Full-Circle-Responsibility” welfare initiative promoting raising the standards of horse care – a topic that resonated with our industry. In 2015, Equine Guelph continues with the “Full-Circle-Responsibility” campaign focusing on a specific chapter of the new National Code of Practice for the Care and handling of Equines in every monthly e-communication.

After many collaborative hours of research by industry professionals, the Code of Practice outlines science-based, best practices to keep our industry moving forward in its support of equine welfare. Equine Guelph’s Code Decoder will highlight the key points and show its application for daily management practices.

Each month Equine Guelph’s Code Decoder will focus on a section of the Code. We also have a new Horse Owner’s Tool that will help you assess your own management practices - the Horse Health Tracker App.

Equine welfare is an important priority for every association and club to intertwine in all programs, rules and procedures. In 2015, we invite the industry to join us throughout the year as we learn more about the Code of Practice.

We challenge you to ‘widen the circle by sending our monthly e-news to all your horse-owner acquaintances and association members and show your support for equine welfare. Give your friends the key to the code for the care and handling of equines by encouraging them to sign up at