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Gayle Ecker, Equine Industry Vision Award Finalist for 2015April 2015

Guelph, ON - Gayle Ecker, director of Equine Guelph, has been selected as one of four finalists for the prestigious Equine Industry Vision Award for 2015.

Intended to recognize innovation, leadership and service in North America, the Equine Industry Vision Award, sponsored by Zoetis, will announce a winner on Friday, June 19, 2015. The Trophy created by master artisan Peter Wayne Yenawine will be presented at the American Horse Publication Tally-Ho at the Alamo Seminar in San Antonio, Texas. Ecker received the distinction of being 'short-listed' from a record number of 25 nominees.

Gayle Ecker, Equine Industry Vision Award Finalist demonstrating Equine physiology

“To be selected as one of the four top finalists for this prestigious award is truly an honour,” says Ecker. “Many thanks go out to our sponsors, partners, donors and supporters that make it possible for Equine Guelph to promote horse health and welfare through our education programs.”

The other three finalists include: EQUUS Foundation, a charitable foundation providing financial support and services to equine charities across the United States; Jim McGarvey, Chairman of the Board, Back Country Horsemen of America; Juli S. Thorson, Editor-at-Large, Horse & Rider.

Finalists were judged by the AHP Board of Directors plus a Zoetis representative, on their performance in relation to the achievement(s) cited and their demonstration of the following attributes and abilities:

1) The vision and innovation of a true pioneer;
2) Leadership, commitment, dedication and willingness to serve;
3) Original and effective ideas and/or products, services, programs;
4) High moral, ethical and professional standards.

The Equine Industry Vision award has been presented thirteen times since its inception in 2002 to top industry professionals and equine institutes. AHP director, Chris Brune says, “It represents that these individuals and organizations are being recognized for making a real difference in the horse world.”

Many congratulations go out to Ecker from her peers, supporters and the multitude of horse lovers that have been inspired, educated and motivated by her tireless efforts and contributions to the horse industry through her work with Equine Guelph.

Previous winners:

• Patti Colbert (2014)
• Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (2013)
• Equine Land Conservation Resource (2012)
• Robert Cacchione (2011)
• John Nicholson (2010)
• Charlotte Brailey Kneeland (2009)
• Sally Swift (2008)
• David O'Connor (2007)
• Stanley F. Bergstein (2006)
• John Ryan Gaines (2005)
• American Quarter Horse Association (2004)
• Don Burt (2003)
• Alexander Mackay-Smith (2002)

Go to the AHP site for the full list of nominees and past recipients.