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Winsong Fundraiser for Equine Guelph features a Downton Abbey Theme July 2016

Despite the heat and humidity, the horses of Winsong performed admirably as part of the Winsong fund-raiser for Equine Guelph on Sunday, June 26, 2016. As part of the Downton Abbey theme for the day, Lord and Lady Grantham (represented by Allen Kalpin and Ellen Cameron) played the host and hostess for the day and participants enjoyed the delicious treats of ice cream and cookies made by Mrs. Patmore (a.k.a. Charlene!) in the shade of the arena.

miniature pony's at Winsong fundraiser

The horses and miniatures kept the crowd laughing with their antics. Zelador showed off his unique talent for catching a Mickey Mouse toy by the tail and for playing hide and seek with toys. Miniature horses, Red Robin and Whisper, owned by Katherine and the McQuaker family added to the cute factor.

In a special part of the show, the horse, Spring Song earned an 'honourary' Equine Guelph certificate for demonstrating her 'knowledge' of horse care which included cleaning up the environment, demonstrating equine health and equine behaviour as part of the fun.

Special thanks to Winnie and all her helpers at Winsong for organizing this unique Equine Guelph fundraiser. “Fundraising events that provide support for Equine Guelph play an important role for building our equine welfare initiatives.“ said Gayle Ecker, Director. “It is a wonderful partnership when we work with groups like Winsong to help raise funds for communication and education programs.“

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