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Hoofprints Honours and RemembersOctober 2017

Story: Jackie Bellamy-Zions

Horse and owner in heartNovember is a time of remembrance. Horses faithfully serve in many ways. They have stood by us through thick and thin and when they leave, that loss is devastating. We owe horses a lot.

From transport to war heroes, to partners in sport and leisure, the world would look quite different today without domestication of the horse. Their roles have changed but the indescribable horse/human bond remains the same.

The Hoofprints program gives grieving horse owners a positive means to cope with the loss and a loving way to honour the memory of a horse. By dedicating an Equine Guelph donation in their name, their legacy will live on by contributing to longer, healthier lives for other horses.

Equine Guelph thanks Intercity Insurance Services Inc. and Capri Insurance Services Ltd. for sponsoring the Hoofprints Tribute Program, paying respect to horses and horse lovers alike.