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Roger L’Heureux Memorial Equine Award WinnerDecember 2017

Story: Jackie Bellamy-Zions

Cameron Lago “I am thrilled to be picked as the recipient of the inaugural Roger L’Heureux Award,” says Standardbred groom, Cameron Lago. “I am looking forward to another two courses, as my experience taking Equine Guelph courses has been amazing.”

Lago was first introduced to Equine Guelph online courses when he won the Stuart Stocks Memorial Tuition Award in 2016 – an award that is currently accepting applicants to find the 2017 recipient.

“Having the opportunity to take Equine Genetics and Equine Exercise Physiology in the first quarter of 2017 was an educational experience second to none,” says Lago. “The two courses I completed gave me lots of opportunity within the racing industry; such as, allowing me to teach others knowledge that I gained, in addition to allowing myself to implement innovative practices on my families breeding farm. Furthermore with these next two courses, I am certain there will be an increased amount of opportunities arise within the industry by talking to colleagues regarding animal welfare and methods of care to ensure the racing industries athletes are always cared for to the highest degree.”

In 2016 Lago was part of the Wannadrive team, a Hands on Horses Program, offering a unique horse racing experience to fans that would otherwise not have the opportunity to interact with horses. Described as a calm and professional role model by his supervisors, Lago’s talent for working with horses and educating newcomers to the world of horses was apparent.

Lago certainly fulfills the criteria for both of these award received, demonstrating a love of horses, commitment to horse welfare and the Standardbred racing sector, and a desire not only to learn more but also to share that knowledge.

Equine Guelph thanks the L’Heureux family, David L’Heureux and Crystal Fountains Inc., for establishing this memorial award in loving memory of Standardbred driver, trainer and groom Roger L’Heureux. Roger was the son of Ephraim L'Heureux, a Standardbred driver, who won the first Maple Leaf Trot at Woodbine in 1950.

Equine Guelph would like to remind grooms there is still time to apply for the Stewart Stocks Memorial Award. The next offering of Equine Guelph 12-week online courses begins January 15th. Will you join Cameron in his commitment to equine welfare and see what doors it will open for you in the racing industry?

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