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Akaash Maharaj – facilitator for the 2018 Equine Industry SymposiumJanuary 2018

Story: Amber Hrynkiw, 2nd year Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management, Equine Management major student

Akaash Maharaj will once again facilitate this second symposium as he so capably facilitated the first symposium held in 2016. Currently Maharaj is the CEO of the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC), which is an international alliance of parliamentarians dedicated to respectable governance and works together to combat corruption, reinforce democracy, and uphold the law. This has not been his only career within the government; formerly, Maharaj was the National Policy Chair for the Liberal Party of Canada.

Outside of his professional life, Maharaj has represented Canada as an equestrian athlete. He is captain of Canada’s Equestrian Skill-at-Arms Team, also known as tent pegging, which has been practiced by mounted cavaliers for two-and-a-half millennia. It is one of the ten disciplines currently recognized by the FEI. This sport consists of a mounted cavalier riding at a full gallop across a timed course, either on the flat or over jumps, and carrying a sword, sabre, or lance used to strike elevated or ground targets.

Maharaj became a triple gold medalist at the 2008 International Championships for tent pegging. Maharaj is also the former CEO of Equine Canada (2008-2012) and served as a member of the Canadian Olympic Committee.