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Engage in Community Wide Discussion at the Equine Industry SymposiumOctober 2018

For Immediate Release - October 11, 2018

The University of Guelph’s annual Equine Industry Symposium

Story: Jamie Meilach, BBRM student

The University of Guelph’s annual Equine Industry Symposium is fast approaching. On Saturday October 27th, 2018 from 9:30AM to 4:00PM, students in the Bachelor of BioResource Management degree majoring in Equine Management will once again be hosting the Equine Industry Symposium for horse enthusiasts from all backgrounds to come out and engage in a community-wide discussion about prevalent issues within the equine industry.

As horse people, many of us have borne witness to conflicting ideals for equine welfare and horse care practices across different businesses and disciplines. These issues, along with what sometimes comes across as a lack of professionalism, compromise our abilities as horse owners, business people, hobbyists and professionals to find the best care practices for the most important member of our community – the horse! To address this, this year’s Equine Industry Symposium is focusing on discussing solutions pertaining to professionalism and industry-wide standards for equine welfare. Symposium attendees can look forward to engaging conversations with veterinarians, researchers, fellow riders and professional equine business people, facilitated by former CEO of Equine Canada, Akaash Maharaj. The goal of this event is to further unite our community and develop practices that benefit the industry and above all, the horse.

Lunch will be provided and admission is free upon registration at; search Equine Industry Symposium or go directly to Register for Equine Industry Symposium. Find us on Facebook at Equine Industry Symposium 2018, participate in pre- and post-symposium discussion at and we look forward to seeing a wonderful and diverse group of horse people in the University of Guelph’s Thornborough building room 1200 at 9:30 AM on October 27th 2018.

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The BBRM Equine Management degree program provided by the University of Guelph places a focus on equine well-being, management, biology and business in order to provide an all-encompassing toolkit of knowledge applicable to all aspects of the equine industry. The program provides both practical hands on and theoretical experience, with lectures and labs taking place across classroom, fieldtrip and in-barn settings. To gain useful experience in the area of event management, the second year BBRM students are responsible for planning and hosting the annual Equine Industry Symposium. The BBRM students have been working hard to plan an event that runs smoothly and is enjoyable for all, and are looking forward to seeing everyone there.