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Equine Financial Futures Webinar SeriesOctober 2020

Story by: Jackie Bellamy Zions

2020 is a year the equine industry would like to flush away, along with all the unexpected business restrictions and financial challenges. First wave, second wave and now a tidal wave of online information is inundating your inbox, but there is a free webinar series you are going to want to add to your e-calendar. Equine Guelph and Sean Jones from Sun Life Financial, in partnership with Ontario Equestrian, will be offering a seven-part webinar series on business management for equine facility owners. Financial planning is always important to ensure there is enough green in your bank account to look after your green acres and horse business. If you run a horse farm or equine business, navigating ongoing challenges and future finances are top of mind. This timely, live, webinar series begins Monday, October 5, from 7:30 – 8:30 pm EST, with: Creating Your Financial Roadmap.

Sean Jones is not only an advisor for Sun Life Financial, he is also an avid equestrian and former facility owner and understands the challenges equine professionals face.

Sean’s role at Sun Life involves advising and educating clients on all aspects of financial planning including owning a home, starting a family, education planning, managing your career and preparing for retirement. Sean develops economical, efficient and client-driven plans that are manageable and tailored to meet individual goals.

“The moment this pandemic hit, some of the first people I thought about were the lesson barn owners,” says Sean. “They operate on such tight margins, that a couple weeks of missed lesson revenue can have serious, unrecoverable impacts on their balance sheets. Some have had to sell off assets to make ends meet. Your financial future is too important to leave up to chance,” says Jones. “planning today can help your business remain stable during difficult times and look ahead for ways to maximize your growth potential.”

The first half of the webinar series will run during fall and early winter focusing on current challenges like boosting your financial health now, balancing the books and understanding debt. Seminars 5-7 are scheduled for January 2021 and will discuss future planning such as building wealth through investing in yourself and your business, retirement income and exit strategies.

“The equine industry is full of hard-working, individuals who are dedicated to their labour of love but horse sense alone will not ensure their future,” says Gayle Ecker, director of Equine Guelph, “We are very pleased to offer this important webinar series in partnership with Sean Jones of Sunlife and Ontario Equestrian to help horse people with the business end.”