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Equine Business Management, New Online Course, First Offering!October 2005

Equine Guelph and the Office of Open Learning are extremely pleased to announce our new course, Equine Business Management, first offering this January 2006.

Deciding to turn your passion into a profitable business requires planning. Starting and running an equine enterprise is unique in many ways, as the horse industry has many considerations that are not common to other small businesses. From understanding the scope of the equine industry to writing a complete business plan, this online course identifies items that must be considered before launching an equine enterprise, as well as providing guidelines for those already running a business in the industry. January 9 to April 12. 2006


  • Overview of the Equine Industry
  • Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes needed
  • Profile of an entrepreneur
  • Personal Skills Portfolio
  • Types of equine enterprises
  • Business Plans
  • Time Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Legal Issues
  • Insurance considerations and implications
  • Marketing including advertising and promotions
  • Developing a business image
  • Products, services, sales and pricing theories
  • Organizing the business
  • Employees – to hire or not, and should you hire family
  • Discussions with the experienced experts
  • Maintaining the momentum of the equine enterprise

Since this new course is not a science orientated course, it will not become part of the Equine Science Certificate, but will augment the certificate very nicely for anyone interested in having their own equine enterprise.

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