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And the Winner is ...February 2006

Robin McClure won the Ontario Harness Horse Association (OHHA) contest and received tuition for one course in the Equine Science Certificate Program. She is currently participating in Management of the Equine Environment, a twelve-week online course offered by Equine Guelph at the University of Guelph.

Working full-time and raising two small children, Robin organizes her time to spend one to two hours every night on the course. She figures the course is well worth the cost ($495) plus textbook. "The material provided is very informative, the website is easy to use, and the interaction with other participants is very interesting." Robin plans to take the other five courses in the program and earn her Equine Science Certificate. She plans to apply her acquired knowledge to her family business of training standardbreds. She owns several horses with her husband.

Congratulations Robin!

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